At 7NTWorld we are passionate about providing the best online bridge experience ever.
Three of New England's largest and most successful bridge clubs have joined together.
Our founding clubs are:
  • The Bridge Spot
  • Newton Bridge Club
  • Seven No-Trump Bridge Club
Together we provide a team of dedicated bridge professionals focused on providing YOU the best bridge possible. Why play with us?
  • Larger Games mean Higher Masterpoint Awards
  • We offer games for all levels:
    • Novice games for new players with under 50 points
    • Intermediate games with limits of 299 and 499 points
    • Mid-Flight games for advancing players with under 1500 points
    • Open games for those seeking the best competition they can find
  • Our games are friendly and our great staff is always available to help
  • Together we will offer a comprehensive teaching program for students of all levels

We are excited to be joined by players from other clubs.
  • The Bridge Table
  • Upper Cape Bridge Club
  • MetroWest Bridge
  • Amesbury Duplicate Bridge Club
  • MIT/DL Bridge Club
  • Just contact us if you want to see your name on this list!