7NTWorld Rewards

The More You Play - The More You Earn!
Redeem points for BB$!

When does 7NTWorld Rewards start?
  The program launches on February 7, 2022.
Do I have to register?
 No, everyone who plays in a 7NTWorld game will earn rewards points.
What are my 7NTWorld Rewards points good for?
 Redeem points for BB$ - 100 Rewards Points earn 1 BB$.
Can I speed the growth of my point total?
 Yes! You will earn points 20 points every time you play. Want more? Play twice a week and earn 50 Bonus Points. Play three times and earn 100 bonus points. More plays more bonus points!
Do I have to keep track of my Rewards Points?
 No, you will receive a weekly email showing your current balance and a link to redeem Awards.
Will your points expire?
 Perhaps. This is a trial program using brand new software. We reserve the right to end this at any time. But our expectation is this will be an ongoing program and as long as you play every month or two, your points will not expire.
Want more complete details?
Click here for a complete description of 7NT Rewards.